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Upcoming Event
Fri. Apr. 24, 2015
Hobbs Street Car Challenge
Meeting at Del Norte Park
at 7:00 pm

Here is the deal. This is not something we came up with overnight. This has been in the planning stage for over a month with a lot of input from many racers. It is a class just like any other race that is out there. It is not a one size fits all. I have had to make changes to my own car to abide by the rules, just like some of you will, if you would like to come race with us. The rules were made for a reason and they will not be changed. If you would like to make whatever changes are needed to race, I would love to see you at the race. If not, I'm sorry, but the track is open every other Saturday for true drag racing and I'm sure they will have a class that suits your car. Thanks, Bryan Riley

We would like to invite everybody to come to a car meeting Friday night. We will meet in the back parking lot of Del Norte Park at 7:00 pm and hang out and talk about the Car Challenge race on Saturday and at 7:30 pm cruise to the Hastings parking lot and show off some street cars to maybe get some public interest to get some spectators and maybe more street cars to the track on Saturday.

Sat. Apr. 25, 2015

Hobbs Street Car Challenge
Gates Open: 12:00 pm (Noon),
Time Trials 1:00 pm


Fri. May 01, 2015
Gates: 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm

NHRA Summit Series
Sat. May 02, 2015
Gates Open: 12:00 pm,
Time Trials 1:00 pm

Fri. May 15, 2015
Gates: 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm

NHRA Summit Series
Sat. May 16, 2015
Gates Open: 11:00 am,
Time Trials 1:00 pm
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Weather Related Question -
In the event of a race cancellation due to weather, we will strive to notify racers as soon as possible. If possible, we will post to the Hobbs MP website and/or Facebook. If you feel that neither may not have been updated before you leave home, please contact Ray Maldonado (Track Manager) at 575.942.9373

Free Street Class Entry
on May 02 NHRA Summit Series.
Winner $75 + Sponsor $100
Runner $25 + Sponsor $100
1st and 2nd Round Buy-Backs $10

Sponsor Donation by
(Impact Chemical - Ubaldo Jr Garcia)

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We help veterans so they can live the full and rich lives they deserve.

Our dogs come only from local rescues. Our service dog trainers teach the dogs and the veterans as a team.

These dogs are not pets, they are service dogs with the complete protection and rights granted by the American with Disabilities Act.

Our program is funded through generous grants and donations from people like you. Our veterans are never obligated to pay a penny of the program's costs to enroll.

Tax ID: 27-2908352

Another fine day of racing at Hobbs Motorsports Park in New Mexico. We were able to get about 475 good photos out of 700 in this run. We try to get pix of all the cars so if I missed your car I do apologize. Phil Guier

See all the photos here...

We are looking for more track sponsors. If you or you know of a business that is interested in becoming a track sponsor, please contact Ray or Andy here at Hobbs Motorsports Park.
Contact Us Page.
Hobbs will be going back to Div 4 NHRA. I received the paper work and it is OFFICIAL!! Trans brake and two steps ARE allowed in No Box starting this year, so no one has to change their car up!!

More Details to Come
Thanks!!! Andy ......
*******NO FUEL SOLD @ THE TRACK*******
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